- Competency Assessment and Training for the Uptake of eGovernment Services by Public Authorities

The question of changing and newly arising e-government competence requirements is at the center of the " - Competence Assessment and Training for the Uptake of eGovernment Services by Public Authorities" project. New forms of networked interorganisational cooperation arise, shared service-center are set up, one-stop-front offices with networked back office-structures established. This changing working environment requires different and new competences for public servants. The project's aim is to survey the e-gov competence requirements, develop a framework for e-gov competences, a curriculum and learning scenarios and evaluate these during pilot sessions. The competence approach has an output-oriented focus on a person's holistic performance capacity in a working environment. This analytical approach enables the international comparability as well as the transferability and accounts for all competences apart from their acquirement.

Initially, changed and changing eGovernment competences as well as the alignment of the current VET offers in the single countries are surveyed. A number of experts from different hierarchical and state levels as well as external experts (e.g. academics, consultants) will be included in the quantitative sample. Secondly, the results are validated and deepened in the context of focus group workshops and a reference framework for the eGovernment competence assessment is developed. On the basis of this knowledge continuing VET offers are conceived, tested in pilot sessions and made accessible as digital learning objects in a web portal.

  • Project type: 
    European research network project (Lifelong Learning Programms of the European Commission)

  • Project partners: 
    University of Potsdam, University of Duisburg-Essen, Devplus, CERTH - Centre for Research & Technology Hellas, SIBIU Regional Training Center for Local Public Administration, Senate Department of the Interior and Sports, Chios Chamber of Commerce, IT World.BG

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  • Project duration: 
    10.2010 - 09.2012

  • Project manager and contact person:
    Christian M. Stracke

    Former Staff
  • Project volume
    277,143 Euro